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Clinic specialties

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an auto –immune disease of the central nervous system. In multiple Sclerosis,inflammation of nervous tissue causes the loss of myelin, a fatty material which acts as a sort protectiveinsulation for the nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. This demyelization leaves multiple areas of hardscarred tissue along the covering of the nerve cell.

Studies show that acupuncture can provide effectiverelief for many MS symptoms. Decreased spasticity, reduced pain, alleviating tingling and numbness, improved bladder and bowel dysfunction, increased energy, strength, and mobility. Antidepressants.

Low Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention .Acupuncture responds very well to low back pain from many causes such as, a slipped disc, muscle spasms, disintegrating discs, herniated discs, arthritis, kidney disease, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances in women during their periods, stress-related or residual pain following an operation. Most back pain is muscular in nature. Muscle pain perpetuates what is known as the pain cycle, a phenomenon of which the back is particularly susceptible. In the pain cycle, pain causes a muscle to spasm, which may distort the discs, joints and nerves of the spine. This spasm leads to further pain, leading to further spasm, which compounds the original problem. If the nerves are irritated enough, it may cause pain to radiate down into the leg, similar to pain experienced via a herniated disc.

In most cases, people who experience an episode of acute back pain will recover in 3-12 weeks. For those who don't recover, however, chronic back pain can be a significant source of inconvenience and suffering.
Acupuncture often works when other methods fail. It is not uncommon for back surgery to be prevented. Acupuncture is a good supplement to other ongoing medical practices such as chiropractic, physical therapy, and drug therapy. Acupuncture can play an important role in the reduction or elimination of back pain by reducing recovery time and preventing a chronic condition from developing. Acupuncture can decrease inflammation and break up of the pain cycle.

Clinic specialties (cancer)

Cancer Prevention & Special Care
Cancer prevention care is a important program at our center.

1 Acupuncture reduce cancer pain

A recent study found that acupuncture reduced cancer pain by 36% in people with advanced cancer. Cancer patients who aren’t getting enough pain control from conventional medications should be to find relief in the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture.

2. Acupuncture reduce the side effect of cancer chemotherapy

After chemotherapy treatment cancer patient will have nausea, vomiting, hair loss, bone marrow depression and fatigue. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can tonify Qi, nourish blood And clean toxic heat. Significantly lessen the side-effects of Chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

3 Strengthen immune system for good quality of the life

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can strengthen and regulate the immunity of cancer patients. Some acupuncture’s points and Chinese herbs can increase the white and red blood counts.

What We Do

Pain management
Neck, shoulder, back and knees pain
Headache, migraine
Disc problems, sciatic
Tennis elbow
Carpal Tunnel syndrome
Sport injury
Post-operative pain
Cancer relative
Muscle pain and cramping

IVF/ IUI Support
High FSH
Irregular periods
Unexplained/ immune/infertility
Sperm problems

Emotional Health
Anxiety, Depression
Stress, Insomnia

Immune Disorder
Allergy, asthma
Cancer problems
MS, Fatigue

Facial Rejuvenation

Skin Problems
Acne, Eczema

Quit Smoke

Weight Loss

Digestive problems
Gastritis, ulcer
acid, constipation

Hypo/ Hyper thyroid

Prostate problem

And more  

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