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Meridian Diagnosis

  meridian              This treatment method use Electro Medicine Imaging machine for diagnosis. It is a powerful and effective, evaluation, and treatment tool designed to assess the functionof the organ systems and the acupuncture meridian systems of the body. We can knowmore clearly, accurately and efficiently diagnose imbalances in organ and meridian function and perform treatment to bring the body into balance and healing then ever before. The wonderful thing about testing with the with the EIM Machine is that we get to seeGraphic image on the computer screen or a print out of the strength of each of 12 meridians and the state of balance bilaterally. This leads to very simple acupuncture treatments that restore the proper strength of Qi and the proper balance between left and right half of each of the 12 meridians. This is something that cannot be done without this equipment. We can measure your progress over time with the EMI graphs show the improvement in your health condition.


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