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Low Back Pain
Letter from Lucky Patient
I have been diagnosis for spinal problem last in August frame. I couldn’t walk, seat, or sleep without heavily pain. I had not sleep in 90 days in rows. I took twice MRI, seen two of best field doctors. I almost gave up. I did whatever I could find to do. This year January time frame. Came to my mind how about East Medicine Technology. Therefore I went to internet, and found Dr. Lina Zhao, make story short. She thread me with Acupuncture in three weeks and gave me Chinese herb. I walked, pain disappeared , and my health was back. I start to work again. I will thank Dr. Lina and God! ---July 12, 2007

Knees pain
Thank you, so much for rehabilitating my knees with acupuncture. before I came to you for treatment and after being seen and treated unsuccessfully by many western style doctors, I still could hardly walk up and down stairs. I relied on the stair banister and even than mobilizing was miracle like the way my knees rehabilitated. I highly recommend patients to see you with their medical problems. ---Dave Blackstone

1. My husband I tried to have a child for many years. But it wasn’t .successful. I started going to fertility specialist who suggested acupuncture as a means of assisting the medical treatments. I had found Dr. Zhao. After four months treatments I felt that my conditions of the body were improved a lot. Also I know Dr. Zhao. She is impresses me as a very grounded, calm, individual, and her care, treatments are always thoughtful, effect and kind. I think the combined Eastern and Western approaches are the reason that I had my fist a child , a lovely daughter! ---Katrina

2. I was 38 years old. I tried to conceive for one year. and nothing happened. Then I have gone through IVF attempts -2 full fresh cycles and still had no success. For my third cycle I started to go for acupuncture treatment from Dr. Zhao , once to twice a week. I became pregnant with twins. Unfortunately it end in miscarriage. After that time I went back to acupuncture treatment again. Now I have lovely and beautiful daughter. My husband and I are very thankful to Dr. Zhao. My session with her were always very enjoyable. It's always so relaxing in her office. I often fell asleep during my sessions of acupuncture which is much needed during IVF and pregnant.

3. When I was pregnant four weeks, I had a miscarriage. Then I decided to get acupuncture treatment. The day I first met with Dr. Zhao, she listened to my case history, took my pulse , examined my tongue and made treatment plan for me . once a week for two months. Now my son is a healthy baby.. I cannot thank Dr. Zhao enough her very good work. without a doubt, she is a good and most caring doctor.

Thank you for treating me for my serious allergy. I suffered from allergy for many years. Running nose, watery eyes and fever came at each year in May. I tried many treatments with no results. After your acupuncture treatment I feel live a new man. I no longer suffer. Thanks again ---Andrew B

I have had fibromyalgia for the past 7 years when my body becomes in flamed with Inflammation, I find that acupuncture is the only relief that works for me. I love that It’s natural no side effects. I am new to New York city and I thank my lucky starts that I found Dr. Lina Zhao. She understands where the pains are and her treatments release me of this stressful pain a lot. ---Ellen Rapopod

Sleeping issues
Dr. Lina Zhao has provided great relief to my sleeping issues. For over seven years, I have not been sleeping or sleeping well. Having Dr. Lina apply acupuncture methods has finally given me a full night’s rest. She is a miracle! Patient and knowledgeable, she practices her craft like art. I strongly recommend Dr. Lina Zhao. --- Gail Green

I go to Dr. Lina for feet reflexology as part of my MS treatment twice a month. It really makes a difference the sensitivity of the feet improves, numbness disappears. I feel it is easier to walk. Even fatigue gets better. especially my bowel movement became normal and urination much better. Before I had diarrhea every morning . It was two or three times with water. My urination was frequency and enuresis. I couldn’t stay without diaper. Usually I used diaper about 10 piece a day, it was so bad. After the reflexology treatment gnificantly improved my general condition and my life’s quality. ---Elena


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